I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario and now live in the most artistic place on earth, Stratford, Ontario.  I share every day with the love of my life and our three, larger than life personalities (our cats), Tango, Austin and Katie.
I am self taught and my photographs have not been digitally altered in any way.  The art of my photography is capturing the shot as it appears to the eye.  My photographs focus on seeing something unique and extra-ordinary in an ordinary subject.  I do not believe that a photographer ever learns everything and thus, this  project is my ongoing attempt to continue learning with each and every photograph I take.
 I hope to visually convey the intricacies and joys of the ordinary everyday: nature, people, animals, objects and even the abstract.  In doing so, I hope to illustrate the critical need of our society to slow down and be more appreciative of the everyday beauty that surrounds us.  From our disappearing farmlands, wide open spaces and undeveloped horizons, to our threatened wildlife and mystic waterways.

All photos available here are copyright 2007
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